A quality live broadcast solution for sports.

Our ProCasts are meant to feel like you’re watching a sports broadcast on television, and we think we accomplish that. We have experienced commentators, skilled camera operators and talented control room crew members. All these components come together to make sure that your event’s ProCast goes off without a hitch.

Currently, our technical capabilities are:

  • 4 live cameras
  • 4 camera replay
  • multiple on-camera talent
  • overlay graphics
  • fullscreen video content
  • 720p, 30fps streaming to YouTube, Facebook, or custom server
  • 1080i, 60fps recording in ProRes

If you have any questions about our technical capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

What an ICU ProCast looks like


This is our ProCast of the gold medal game of the 2017 Alberta Senior AA Hockey Championships that took place in Wainwright, Alberta. We had four live cameras with slow-motion replays, play-by-play and colour commentators, graphics and full screen videos.


Take a look at our behind the scenes from our time ProCasting the Hockey Alberta Senior AA Championships. You’ll hear both the program audio (announcers and videos) and radio audio (director, switcher, and camera operators).