Digital Delivery

The fastest and cheapest way to get your content after your event.

Digital Delivery is the best way to get your content. We use a variety of services depending on how you need your files. For sports teams that use Hudl, we upload there directly so you can analyze the footage to generate stats within hours after the game. For other teams, we deliver using Wistia. If we are ProCasting your event, we deliver on YouTube. If you’d prefer a higher degree of player customization, contact us for more information.


Wistia Logo


Once we process and edit your files, we upload them to Wistia. When they’re ready to be viewed, we send you a link to a shared folder containing the videos. If you’ve already made an account on Wistia, you’ll have instant access to the files, but if not, you’ll be prompted to make an account.

youtube logo


We broadcast the event on YouTube and the archive is live immediately following the event. During the broadcast, we also dual record a high-quality backup in 1080i at 60fps in ProRes. If you’d like that file, please contact us to arrange delivery. These files can be up to 100 GB in size so delivery online isn’t an option.

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If your team uses Hudl, please contact us to arrange how you’d like your footage delivered. Depending on your plan, we can either upload the footage directly to your account by setting up ICU Video as an administrator on the team or we can upload to another team and share it with you.