Coaching Footage

Review your game so you can win the next one.

Teams from around the Edmonton area use coaching footage to help with their strategic development or to assist with scouting. Our trained camera operators will arrive at your game early, set up the camera and then film the game’s entirety. After the game, either the camera operator will upload the footage themselves or deliver it to ICU to upload. You’ll receive the footage typically within 6 hours after the end of the game unless extenuating circumstances apply.

June to November is the busy season at ICU Video. Please contact us early to secure your team’s coaching footage.

“Getting quality tape is a key ingredient to our success. Thanks a lot!”

Brock Ralph, Harry Ainlay Titans

“Couldn’t have done it without your effort and professionalism. Huge tool for us as we prepare week to week.”

Tyler Greenslade, Harry Ainlay Titans


We start each clip with a close-up of the line of scrimmage before zooming out to show both teams. Once the play starts, we either zoom out to show the throwing play or zoom in to follow the running play. Before ending the clip, we zoom into where the play ended, showing the players involved.


We start filming the game just before the toss-up, then we keep the camera rolling until the next timeout or the end of the quarter. We stay wide enough to show all of the players on the court. We also zoom in on ref calls so you can see exactly why the play was stopped.


We start each clip just before puck drop and keep recording for the whole period. We maintain a wide shot following the play action, zooming in on breakaways and ref calls, intermittently zooming in to the scoreboard.


Each clip we film for volleyball starts on the server and then zooms out to show the whole play. At the end of the rally, we zoom in on the successful team.