About Us

ICU Video Productions Ltd. is an Edmonton-based
video production company specializing in
coaching footage and live broadcasting.


Our mission at ICU Video is to provide professional game footage for coaches and players in amateur sports. ICU uses a company standard method of capturing footage that has been carefully honed and adjusted over several decades to make sure that the coaches and players are able to see what they need to. We film all our games the same way, no matter what league you’re in.


Rob Zittlau started ICU Video in 1989 to provide amateur sport teams in Edmonton with high-quality, professional coaching footage. Since then, he’s grown the company to include the capture of dance recitals, plays, concerts, and even started a live production division to livestream sporting events in the Edmonton area.


We have solutions for anything you might need. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us.


Our attention to detail allows teams from around the city to be able to critique their plays clearly and simply.


Share your game online with one of ICU's signature products. Featuring play-by-play, live replays and multi-camera video production, our ProCasts offer the best full-service live video production solution.


Tired of viewing every family event through your phone screen? Let us handle it so you can enjoy your loved ones performances through your own eyes.


View your game footage the next morning! We deliver digital content using Wistia in order to make it easy for you to view and download your content.

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